Rights & Self Determination

We envision a society where people have freedom, rights, and access to necessary building blocks for determining their own future. Our focus is on advancing the rights and welfare of people in the sex trade with a special focus on women who are sex workers. 

Invest in ALL women.

The rise of philanthropic investment in female empowerment has been profoundly positive; there simultaneously remains a glaring gap for women in the sex trade. How can we stand for gender equality, women’s empowerment, and body autonomy while an entire segment remains criminalized, stigmatized and relegated to the shadowy margins of society? 


Due to the criminalization of prostitution and the prevailing stigma against sex workers, individuals who engage in sex work often face deportation and eviction, denial of social services, and even loss of child custody. Sex workers are routinely discriminated against in education, formal employment, health care, housing, and criminal-legal systems. These systems compound womens’ vulnerabilities related to economic stability, bodily autonomy, and independence.


The fight for sex worker agency is one of the most entrenched, enduring and complex issues facing human society with deep roots to the major social issues of our time. New Moon Fund is a network model steadily sewing together a constituency of grant recipients and stakeholders that are working together for collaborative impact and systems change.


Now is the time to invest in ALL women.