Our Mission

Our mission is to secure rights and opportunity for people in the sex trade by building awareness, attracting resources and seeking to address highest priority needs toward community wellbeing.


What We Do

New Moon Fund is committed to accelerating advancements for sex workers’ rights in the United States. Our objectives are to: 


Cultivate Leaders

We do this by…

  • Amplifying voices of people in the sex trade;
  • Providing skill training for people in the sex trade in advocacy, community building, and public education;
  • Providing technical assistance that enables grassroots groups to excel. 


Build the Field

We do this by…

  • Incubating pilot programs and providing job pipeline development for people in the sex trade;
  • Incentivizing partnerships & collaboration;
  • Building strong networks within and related to the sex workers’ rights movement;
  • Re-granting to existing projects doing kick-ass work;
  • Compiling data and intelligence from the field. 


Inform Philanthropic Giving

We do this by…

  • Educating and inspiring donors to fund solutions with the highest potential for impact. 
  • Advocating for critical innovations that need to scale, and 
  • Working collaboratively with donors to deploy effective strategies into our movement.


New Moon Network is a 501c3 fiscally sponsored non-profit project

of Woodhull Freedom Foundation