It’s been said that prevention is the best medicine. Likewise, that knowledge is power. In light of this combined wisdom, New Moon Fund is teaming up with Totally WOW Org in Atlanta to create educational modules for people vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Our goal is to equip people with tools for identifying potentially harmful situations, so they can avoid them. 

Concept sketch of an Ask The T.A.S.K. character

Led by sexual empowerment educator Jamila Aisha, Totally WOW Org is crafting information delivery modules in service to  key demographics. The first pilot is designed for youth and young adults. Through still and motion cartoons, “Ask the T.A.S.K Team” characters will deliver information about boundaries and consent, violence prevention, and age appropriate sex-ed. Youth will have access to the T.A.S.K. (Teen Advocates for Sex-conscious Kids) Team via social media advice columns and snail-mail home learning kits. 

The  Ask The T.A.S.K. website is slated to launch Fall of 2022. The program lead will garner feedback on the pilot through existing networks, with a specific consideration towards military and faith-based communities. 

Educator Jamila Aisha