December 17th is International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers, which is dedicated to the dozens of women who were slain along the Pacific Coast Highway by the Green River Killer. The Red Umbrella Campaign anonymously elevates the authentic voices of sex workers who presently live and work along the Pacific Coast Highway by asking them what they wish was different in the world to improve their safety and wellbeing. 


This campaign was hosted by the Research in Action at UCLA Luskin and culminated in a collaborative social media blast advocating for the decriminalization of sex work. 


The content of the social media slides gives context to the lives of the people being represented, alongside reputable research which highlights what prevents sex workers from being safe.


“Decades of research from around the world shows that the criminalization of sex work is what makes the work fundamentally unsafe” says Janine N’jie David, co-founder and Deputy Director of UCLA’s Global Lab for Research in Action. “Sex work tends to be a taboo subject and public knowledge is understandably limited. But we shouldn’t allow our lack of understanding – or quite frankly, discomfort – prevent us from addressing policies that do more harm than good.”


The Red Umbrella Campaign, led by UCLA’s Global Lab for Research in Action, is a collaboration between Aileen’sDecriminalize Sex WorkNew Moon FundOld Pros, the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, and individual researchers and activists.