Resource Directory Development

We are supporting development of an internal resource directory for the Sex Worker Community Support Line. The SWCSL is a national resource serving all people who trade sex. The SWCSL provides peer support, resource referrals, and tangible resources to callers seeking assistance. 


Since 2015, the SWCSL has gone from receiving
less than 25 calls a week to more than 200. 
Not only does this growth illustrate the demand for support, but it suggests the existance of data critical for moving conversations about sensible sex trade policies forward.

“Volunteers at the community support line picked up the phone when nobody else did. Literally nobody else would help me when I needed it most.”

– “Kim” age 34, Florida

Services Offered:

Peer Support
Re-entry services
Case management
Cash assistance
Basic necessities

National Reach:

In July 2022, the SWCSL fielded calls from 27 states in the USA. Callers sought access and referrals to emergency housing, crisis counseling, legal services, exit support, and more.