Sex workers have always been on the frontlines
of human rights and public health.

Now is the time to invest in their bold leadership.


Amidst an alarming rise of intolerant extremist ideology, an undercurrent of progressive change is afoot. Sex workers, survivors of trafficking, and allies are supporting struggling communities, advancing criminal legal reform, and asserting the right to bodily autonomy. It’s time to meaningfully support and integrate these bold advocates as leaders in our movements for justice and safety. 


Taking Action & Making Waves

Across the USA, people with backgrounds in the sex trade are advancing progressive reforms. At New Moon Fund, we celebrate these wins and elevate strategies for progress. The map below represents policy reform and litigation efforts made in recent years by people in the sex trade and their allies. To view the layers and color key, click the “expand” button on the upper right corner of the map. 




Leadership in Crisis Response & Community Wellbeing

By necessity, sex workers have grown accustomed to taking care of themselves and each other. As political winds and our environment shift, sex working communities will have wisdom to share with the public about resilience, resourcefulness, and mutual aid. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many sex worker groups expanded their services to fill voids where mainstream services ceased operating.

Feeding the Community

The Free Food Garden Project was started by the Ishtar Collective in 2021 to help alleviate some of the struggles caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic to Central Vermont’s community. In their first season of cultivation, Ishtar Collective made 87 deliveries to more than twenty households in Central Vermont. Ishtar Collective demonstrates that sex workers can be contributing members of their communities who prioritize fundamental needs.